Directorate of Technical & Professional Affairs


mhram sadat

Mr. Sayed Mahram Sadaat was born on December 1980 in Surkhrood District, Nangarhar Province. He completed his elementary education in Aziz Afghan and completed his secondary education and high school in Abdul Hadi Dawi and Nangarhar High School in order. He enrolled university and successfully obtained his bachelor degree in Civil Engineering from Nangarhar Province on 2005.

Mr. Sadaat worked a civil engineering advisor for USAID, IRD, EU-WSP Int and UNFAO. He was appointed as Technical Advisor in Deputy Directorate of Municipalities on 2012. Among his achievements, he developed a Safety and Hygiene Technical Procedure, designed waste disposal places in urban areas, and Afghanistan Cities Development Scheme. As a technical cadre, he has played a significant in sessions related to development and revision of urban sector laws, policies including new Municipality Law, new Property Lasw, new Land Regulations, Urbanization and Housing Law, drafting a policy to legalize unplanned areas. He was appointed as the Technical and Vocational Director for IDLG DDM through decree #3921 dated on 20/11/1395 through CBR process on 1395, and he is still holding the position.