Since Presidential Decree 73 of 30 August 2007, municipalities are accountable to the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG). Until municipal elections can take place, provincial and district mayors are mostly appointed by IDLG and report to the Deputy Ministry of Municipalities (DMM) of IDLG. Kabul Municipality reports directly to the Presidential Office.

The functions of DMM are to:

•      Support municipalities in providing basic social services and infrastructure

•      Formulate and implement municipal policies, rules and regulations

•      Facilitate the drafting and developing of strategic and detailed municipal planning

•      Supervise and control municipal financial affairs

•      Provide coordination for the involvement of the private sector to improve urban socio-economic development

•      Enhance public participation in municipal decision-­‐making

•      Improve management systems in municipalities

•      Build capacity of municipal staff


DMM is managed and run by 44 civil servants and 13 embedded specialists supported by donor programs.

type of employment Male employees Female employees Total
Civil service employees 41 3 44
Donor Programs Embed Staffs 10 3 13
Total 51 6 57

Organizational Structure

DMM has 4 Directorates and 10 Sub-directorates as follows:

General Directorate of Urban Governance

  • Directorate of Urban E-System Development
    • Sub-directorate of Database Development 
  • Sub-directorate of Municipal Councils and Programs coordination
  •  Sub-directorate of Legal and Legislative
  • Sub-directorate of urban sister affairs and membership in urban organizations.

 Directorate of Revenue, Account and Administration of Municipalities

  • Sub-directorate of Revenue and Account
  • Sub-directorate of Municipal Administrative Affairs
  • Sub-directorate of Financial Management (IFMS)
  • Sub-directorate of Municipal Funds

Directorate of Technical and professional 

  • Sub-directorate of City Services
  • Sub-directorate of Urban Detailed Plans
  • Sub-directorate of Economic Development
  • Sub-directorate for Implementing the Strategic Development Framework.