Mission and Vision

Introduction to DDM:

According to article 141 of Afghan Constitution, municipalities are missioned to administer cities affairs and this mission requires meeting public needs of urban residents with regards to good governance.

In addition to Kabul Municipality as an independent organization, there are 204 operating municipalities under direction of IDLG and their activities are supported, fostered, coordinated, monitored and regulated by Deputy Ministry of Municipalities. Taking into consideration the following, provincial and district municipalities are of special significance in local governance structure:

Municipalities act as local representative of central government in service delivery to people in cities and are in close touch with people. In addition to increase in public trust, this role improves relations between government and society through participation, partnerships and better service delivery.

Municipalities are a good cornerstone for achieving national goals in local and city levels and take a significant contribution to national development process through local economic development.

It is estimated that one third of Afghanistan population live in cities, and keenness to live in cities increasingly rockets up due to insecurity and weak service delivery in rural areas. From other hand, most returnees prefer to live in cities. This requires and increases expansion in urban service delivery.

Municipalities are the only local administrative units obligated to generate and collect revenues to finance operational and development programs in light of effective laws. Increase in revenue is imperative in a positive transformation of cities and sustainable development and public service delivery.

Cities are an appropriate ground for investment and can improve hope for life and securing peace and security through efficient leadership in development processes.

It is an honor that National Unity Government considers governance and urban development as a key element in its reform agenda so that cities may be drivers of economic development and participatory governance may lead to rebuilding trust between citizens and government.

Based on goal of aforementioned agenda about cities, Municipalities General Directorate-IDLG promoted to Deputy Ministry of Municipalities following Presidential Decree #2233 dated 14/11/1394 to ensure a positive transformation and reforms applied on municipalities. DDM is an authority of central government and its mission is to support, foster, coordinate, regulate and monitor municipalities’ affairs except Kabul Municipality.


Deputy Ministry of Municipalities is established to support, foster, coordinate, regulate and monitor Afghan municipalities’ affairs to secure urban good governance, increase revenue and improve service delivery by municipalities.


Municipalities are centered around values and principles of good governance, result-based, dynamic, self-reliance better service delivery and citizen-oriented, and IT-friendly to achieve well-off, environment friendly, inclusive, safe, flexible, sustainable and competent-to-economic growth cities and social development