Biography of Deputy Minister of Municipalities

A Short Biography of Mr. Abdul Baqi Popal

 Deputy Minister of Municipalities - Directorate of Local Governance


The man we are speaking about is one of the prominent and active personalities of our society. When he was young, he has delivered memorable services to his people and homeland. First of all he selected attainment of education and knowledge as his first preference and tried not to stay backward from other persons of his age. He has always been the pioneer of his life. In order to reach his goals, he never despairs with the complications of life. He has had warmly behavior and good ethics to his friends and this attribute made his personality more distinguished.

He finished his higher education, and sought to gain broader information beside his own specialty. Thus, he started studying the books and works of the great scholars. Whereas he had excellent command over the national and international languages especially English, he carried on studying abundantly, and matured himself with higher characteristics in society. He enjoys supreme respect among his friends and colleagues.

As soon as he started his official duties, he realized that this is the time of action. Thus, with a heart full of confidence, and with a clear conscience of responsibility toward the nation and homeland, he attempted to fully accomplish his obligations with high spirit of patriotism and faithfulness. As a result, in official arena he progressively reached to great successes and became a high ranking official. Today he is one of the renowned names of the country.

Mr. Abdul Baqi Popal, son of the late Colonel Mohammad Nabi Popal, was born in an intellectual family in Panjwai district of Kandahar province. He started his higher education at Information and Technology Institute of Ministry of Telecommunications. Subsequently he got post graduate diploma from the Erasmus University of Urban Development and Improvement in Netherland. Later he obtained his master's degree in management from the American University of Preston located in Islamabad, Pakistan. Afterward he received his doctorate degree in international relations over distance learning from the Atlantic International University (AIU) of United States.

Mr. Popal has worked for 18 years in several leadership and managerial positions with different international organizations in the country, such as UNHCR, UNICEF, UNDP and the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN Habitat). For more than six years, he worked as the head of directorate-general of municipalities’ at Directorate of Local Governance. As a result of his durable efforts, he upgraded the directorate of municipalities’ affairs to deputy ministry of municipalities and presently he serves as the Directorate of Local Governance, deputy of municipalities.

Both in his formal and informal life, Mr. Popal has had exceptional and praise worthy achievements. During informal times, he used to teach in Kandahar, Helmand and Kabul provinces in order to illuminate the minds of youths and public. He founded the largest educational and cultural center named Ahmed Shah Baba Educational and Cultural Center in the southwestern region of the country during very difficult time and Taliban regime.

On the other hand, he has played a significant role in the designing of national programs such as National Solidarity program NSP, Citizen Charter, and National Policies at informal settlement for Urbanization and Housing. Over the past two years, he attracted more than hundreds millions of dollars for the support of municipalities.

Likewise, of his achievements, we can name the plan and layout of urban boundary selection, activation of information system database at municipalities, establishment of municipalities’ assessment system, the guideline for appointment of new mayors, and the plan for revenue raising of municipalities. As well as he has had substantial cooperation and contribution in development of urban plans based on the cities’ priorities. Due to his faithful efforts in designing Citizen Charter, His Excellency President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani honored him with the state medal of Mir Bacha Khan.

It is worth mentioning that Mr. Popal has written several booklets in various fields, including twenty articles in national and international languages, which are mostly published on the world famous websites. During the country's most difficult circumstances of civil wars and Taliban regime, he has delivered decent services to the nation. He also has traveled to more than 35 countries of the world representing his office country and actively participated in international conferences and has received more than twenty appreciation letters.