Faizabad Municipality

Faizabad City

Faizabad is the provincial capital and the largest city in Badakhshan Province, in northern Afghanistan; The city was called Jauz Gun until 1680 because of the number of walnuts ("jauz") in the area. The name was changed to Faizabad, which can be roughly translated as "abode of divine bounty, blessing, and charity", when the robe of Mohammed was delivered to the city. 


General Information about Faizabad municipality

  Badakhshan Province
  Faizabad Municipality (privincial capital)
Square Kilo meters 21 City area
  63700 Population
  6 Number of presinct /   city district
Square meters 572400 Residential area
Square meters 53640 Commercial area
Square meters 77400 Governmental area
Square meters 300000 Greenery area
Square meters 1090000 Expandable / City Expansion area
Kilo meters 175 Total Length of roads in city
Kilo meters 350 Total sidewalks in city
Kilo meters 350 Total drainage in city
  130 Total culverts
  1 Total markets
  2220 Total Shops
  121 Total mosques
  4 Total governmental hospitals & clinics
  2 Total private hospitals & clinics
  1 Total NGOs/institutions hospitals & clinics
  28 Total governmental scholls
  3 Total private schools
  1 Total NGOs schools
  1 Total governmental universities / higher educational institutions
  2 Total private universities / higher educational institutions
  28 Total number of governmental offices
  30 Total NGOs offices
  2 Total municipal guest houses & hotels
  20 Total private guest houses/ hotels
  43 Total number of trades


Faizabad Municipal Building