The services of the 3 mayors have been awarded by Integrity Watch Afghanistan

On Dec 16, 2017 an appreciation ceremony was held by Integrity Watch Afghanistan to award 3 municipalities as per their performances, and awarded Charikar, Herat and Mazar Municipalities with plaques.

Director of Integrity Watch Afghanistan, Sayed Ikram Afzali said: “According to the instructions of The President we have conducted the survey in regard to the municipal services in 9 provinces, so in result the communities have scored the best municipalities ”.

In this ceremony, the Deputy Minister of Municipalities (DMM), of Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) His Excellency Abdul Baqi Popal said: “This type of survey has its importance which Integrity Watch has conducted, and added that municipal service delivery will be accelerated as reward to good work is more work”.

It should be noted that the setting 16 criteria for measuring municipal services by Integrity Watch Afghanistan used in conducted survey, which are related to the competencies and responsibilities of municipalities. This survey was conducted during 1396, as well as to several districts of the Kabul Municipality.