Citizens Charter Training workshop to Facilitating Partners (FPs) started

Training workshop to 4 FPs started in order to properly implement the Citizens Charter Program to 4 cities of Herat, Kandahar, Mazar and Jalalabad. To this workshop, which will last for two weeks, related mayors and FPs representatives have participated.

The Citizens Charter program is a unique national program of the Afghan Government, Abdul Baqi Popal the Deputy Minister of Municipalities and Acting General Director of IDLG mentioned into his speech; he added, by implementation of the program hopes will be created and the legitimacy of the government will be strengthened. He also mentioned that this program aims to serve people and reduce the space between the people and the government.  

He emphasized that the Citizens Charter program is designed to bring positive changes to the community lives. The government is to create the sense of accountability, transparency and equity to the people by implementing this program. Popal asked Facilitating Partners (FPs) to share their constructive experiences and suggestion to make the program better and to bring positive change to the communities’ lives.