Citizens Charter Program Memorandum of Understanding was signed between related ministries

On Sunday 17 May a signing session for memorandum of understanding for cooperation work was held in Independent Directorate of Local Governance conference room, in which certain representatives of the Ministries of Public Health, Finance, Rural Development, Labor, Social Affairs, Martyrs and Disabled, Women's Affairs, Education, Information and culture, Agriculture and irrigation, National Environment Protection Authority and DABS attended .

Abdul Baqi Popal Deputy Minister of Municipalities and Acting Director General of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance while explaining the Citizens Charter program requested all line ministries to cooperate with their sincerity and commitments to the effective implementation of program. He added that as per the direction of the president of Afghan Government, complete transparency should be considered in all level to build trust.

Citizens Charter is a contract between the government and the CDC, according to which in the next decade for important and valuable services will be provided such as drinking water, health, education, electricity, irrigation, agriculture and road development purposes.

Citizens Charter program importance is that all people, including women, men, children and youth, especially the poor, the disabled, widows, displaced persons, refugees and nomads will benefit of all the activities of this program.